Bequest Language

Interested in Leaving a Legacy at the University of Maryland?

Since our founding in 1865, the University of Maryland has benefited greatly from thoughtful bequests made by alumni or other friends of the university. You can include Maryland in your will or living trust as beneficiary for a specific dollar amount or percentage of your estate or through a noncash asset, such as real estate or artwork. Below is suggested wording to share with your legal counsel:

I give to the University of Maryland College Park Foundation, a charitable organization (Tax ID 52-2197313) located at 4603 Calvert Rd., College Park, MD, 20740, [insert $ amount, percentage of residuary estate, or otherwise name gifted assets] for the [insert name of use, fund designation, or restriction, such as “for its general educational purposes,” “for student financial support,” “for the College of __________ ,” “for the Department of ___________ ,” or otherwise state donor restrictions].

Documenting Your Bequest to Maryland

Each year many alumni and friends let us know that they have included the University of Maryland in their estate plans. Some provide further details about their intentions, in effect “documenting” their generous future gifts to the university. Here are five good reasons why you should consider this step.

  1. Recognition—Donors who make an estate or other planned gift to the university are welcomed into the Founders Legacy Society. However, if it’s your preference, you can share your gift intentions with us and remain anonymous.
  2. Peace of Mind—If you have a specific purpose or designation in mind, such as to a particular department or special program, we can provide precise language to ensure the university is able to carry out your intentions after your lifetime.
  3. Inspiring Others—Estate gifts provide crucial philanthropic support for the university. By disclosing your bequest, your generosity may inspire other alumni and friends to follow in your footsteps.
  4. No Obligations—Bequests are revocable and can be modified by you at any time.
  5. Confidentiality—Any details you share about your plans can remain fully confidential if you wish. In addition, you may also disclose your plans and designation without disclosing the amount.

To learn more about making a bequest, contact the Office of Gift Planning at or 866.646.4UMD.